GirlDreamer supports women of colour to live their best lives. 

We are a non-profit organisation based in the UK that supports the personal and professional development of young women of colour to tackle social inequality and pursue their dreams.

Our aim is to see a more representative world through tackling both social change and systems change by working with communities and companies to bridge the gaps that are causing a lack of representation and access to opportunity for women of colour at all levels across all industries.

Working directly with our community means we can create meaningful and lasting change. We provide opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally, through innovative programmes, resources and digital content.

Working with organisations and leaders across all sectors means we are able to challenge and disrupt some of the current systems and break down the barriers to accessibility through our unique consulting, workshops and equitable recruitment services.

We like to think of change as a whole rounded picture where everybody is doing their part and is accountable for the betterment of our world.

GirlDreamer is here to provide a platform. A safe space where women of colour can share, connect and grow with tailored support to create the next generation of leaders who can truly create a more equitable world.



We provide programmes to support women of colour into social entrepreneurship. Our goal is to increase more women of colour leaders in society and utilise their lived experience by doing so.


We run a range of initiatives throughout the year with the goal of increasing access to opportunity for women of colour in different sectors, both on an introductory and developmental level.


We offer consulting and workshops to organisations, in the social and private sector, to create authentic engagement amongst young communities of colour both on and offline.

Behind every great company, is a team of great women who hold it together.

GirlDreamer has a small but mighty team! We each bring something different that makes us who we are and creates the foundation of values we are built on. Get to know more about who makes GirlDreamer possible.

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Women of Colour are one of the most marginalised groups in society.

We are underrepresented in almost every sector, face the highest pay gaps, experience the highest rates of discrimination, have additional cultural barriers, face increased socio-economic barriers, receive fewer opportunities …and that’s just to name a few!

Women of colour are definitely not short of talent and ambition but rather, we lack access to opportunities, representation and tailored support that takes into account our unique lived experiences. Should we have full access to all of those things, the social fabric of society would completely change and in our opinion, for the better.


Join us for an epic summer time here at GirlDreamer, filled with development,
training, events, outdoor adventures and more!
See what’s going on below and feel free to sign up or apply
to what calls you.

Any questions, head to the contact page and get in touch!


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Every Tuesday until 26/07

‘Film School’ with Ashleigh Jadee

Aspiring filmmakers and content creators, this 4 week programme is for you. We’ve partnered up with the incredibly talented film director, Ashleigh Jadee, to bring you an intensive 4 week programme where you’ll learn everything from writing a treatment, research, location hunting, directing and editing, to by the end of the programme, creating your own two minute piece of content. The programme will begin Tuesday 5th July and will run every Tuesday, until 26th July with virtual sessions in between. You will need access to your own camera (phones are acceptable as well as DSLR’s), laptop and a hard drive to store video files. Transport costs will be covered and drinks and snacks will be provided.
1 night

Bushcraft 101

Join us on July 14th - 15th for the ultimate overnight survival experience in the beautiful woodlands of Oxfordshire. From learning to make a fire, preparing food in the wild, building shelter (and sleeping overnight in it!), purifying water, foraging for natural foods and medicinal plants and even solar and star navigation - it’s the complete introduction to bushcraft. If you want to push yourself out of your comfort zone and go back to basics by connecting with nature, fellow women of colour and developing your instincts.
3 nights/4 days

Surfing Retreat

We’ve been waiting since the pandemic to bring this one back! We’re taking 10 of you this July for a 3 night surfing retreat down South, which will allow you to learn the basics of how to surf, meet new people, explore a new city and further develop your skills. Travel, food, activity costs and accommodation will be provided.
Opens / Deadline - Monday 4th July

Dream Fund 3.0

We’re back with a third round of our Dream Fund! If you’re a UK based woman of colour-led small organisation/community group tackling a social issue, you can now receive small grants from GirlDreamer of up to £500. You do not have to be a registered organisation to apply.
First Aid

Outdoor First-aid Training – FULL

This June 25th-26th, we have one opening for a GirlDreamer to join us on an outdoor first-aid training weekend workshop hosted by Backbone CIC and delivered by First Aid Training Cooperative. The weekend will cover all outdoor first aid knowledge and understanding to be applied in the outdoors and will include a certificate that is recognise by national governing bodies. Please note, this opportunity will also to lead to you supporting GirlDreamer in our future outdoor activities.

Headshots and Bios

Join us on Saturday 23rd July from 11am - 3pm to participate in our annual GirlDreamer photoshoot held at our office in Birmingham. You will also have the opportunity to have your individual professional headshot taken, as well as support with your bio for all your professional needs. Photos taken will feature in our internal and external branding and snacks and refreshments will be provided.
3-7pm (sign up form coming soon)

‘GirlDreamer Mango Party’ in London

On Sunday 7th August, from 3-7pm we will be hanging out in London (exact location tbc) with… mangoes! That’s right. We’re hosting a space, a vibe, a… mango party for us all to get together and enjoy mangoes from around the world.
5 days (sign up form coming soon)

5 Day Outdoor Training Retreat in Glenfeshie, Scotland

This August from the 31st Aug - 4th Sept, we have an exciting opportunity to take aspiring outdoor enthusiasts up to the beautiful green hills of Glenfeshie, Scotland with our GirlDreamer team. Food, Accommodation & Transportation will be provided.

Boarders Without Borders

Our most popular and recognised initiative that uses sport as a tool for social change. It has brought us international attention, a handful of awards but most importantly, has created a legacy in sport and equality. Check out our award-winning short film on creating the Europe’s First Women of Colour Longboarding Crew and keep up with our BWB socials to see how the journey is unfolding.

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