#220by2020 is our campaign where we have set ourselves on a mission to introduce (a minimum of) 220 women of colour into adventure sports by the end of 2020 through our most popular initiative, Boarders Without Borders. 

When we learned about the lack of representation of women of colour in sports, specifically adventure sports, we actively wanted to do something to change this, hence launching #220by2020. By the power of our community and the people who believed in our campaign, we were 100% successful at raising the funds!

We have given ourselves 1 year to complete this campaign and will be reaching out to women of colour through different means such as:


What is ‘Boarders Without Borders’?

Boarders Without Borders aka ‘BWB’ is our adventure sports programme for women of colour, focusing specifically on board sports such as longboarding, surfing and snowboarding. The aim of BWB is to get more women of colour active and create better representation in sports and society through fun and empowering ways.

When did BWB start?

BWB officially launched in 2017 as a summer programme for 16+ women of colour in Birmingham. We started this programme with ‘longboarding’, a sport which is similar to skating and mimics land surfing. We filmed the entire summer programme as a mini documentary and screened it later that year, and it sparked a huge interest in other women who were interested to join. However, due to the weather conditions in the UK, we had to wait until Summer 2018  to launch the second intake of boarder’s. 


Why did we launch this campaign?

As we were busy in the operations and continuous success of BWB, we started learning more about the sporting world and how there was a lack of representation of women of colour. Our Co-founders both faced barriers pursuing sports as young teens, some of which were personal, cultural, religious and societal barriers and their personal mission was to further understand why there is still a lack of representation when so many younger girls of colour love playing sports. 


What’s the purpose of #220by2020?

To inspire women of colour that they can do whatever they wish to. Our focus will be on adventure sports however, our overall mission is to inspire this belief and attitude in all aspects of life. We believe that you can’t be what you can’t see.


What will we do with the money raised?

Our aim is to ensure our mission is successful and we hit our target of 220 women of colour. As well as this we aim to create legacy through our campaign work which inspires the generations to come by releasing a report on all our findings as well as filming a full-feature documentary that looks into what women of colour can bring to adventure sports and why as a society we need to make space.