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June 15, 2018


We won! Well, we were voted as one of the top 10 UK millennial blogs on the internet. Pretty cool right? So where’s the irony? That may just come from the fact that we have become SO MIA with blogging that we barely do it. In fact, we’re lucky if we make it to one blog a month. What a time for such an award to come through. That’s irony right there.
So why is it that we don’t blog more often you ask?
Is it because we don’t really have much to say? Is it because we struggle to find things to talk about and share? Heck no! We constantly talk, have opinions for days and get political at any possible change. We just never find ourselves having the time to sit down and actually put those conversations and thoughts into actual words that we can share with you all.
It’s a poor excuse, we know. But between trying to keep the company afloat, run projects, create new initiatives, write up reports, do our taxes and legal things and now consult businesses – sitting down to turn thoughts into words is somewhat of a luxury we don’t seem to experience much of these days. In one way it feels great to know that we are so busy with work but equally, we love blogging. We love sharing our thoughts and ways of life with you all and so we all know what that means right?
Of course. It’s time for a complete blog make-over. A blog-over. A bl-ake-over. A blover. Too much? Yep. We’ll stop now.
We’ve decided that our blogs will now be a weekly thing. We promise we’ll bring you all political views, the rants, the opinions, the things we’re all thinking but never say and the odd GirlDreamer update just so you know what’s going on.
We do have offers from you lovely ladies that want to write for us but there comes the issue of payment which is exactly why we end up blogging ourselves because rightly so, many people want to be paid for their blogging time! We get it, we hear ya and until we can do so, we either have our wonderful friends who write the odd guest blog for us (urgh, you gems we love you) or we stop scrolling through Twitter and Instagram for 30 minutes and turn that valuable time into a blog.
Agreed? Agreed. We’ll do better. Thanks for sticking around and reading the randomness we call blog posts so far. We’ll up our blog game and be back in action to rightly accept our blogging award! Thanks FeedSpot for the award!
We got this.
Love, Light, Laughter!
GirlDreamer x