We’ve learnt A LOT on this journey.

Both personally and professionally, we’ve been through it all. We’ve defeated the odds, built something from nothing and
spent years learning how you manifest an idea into something bigger than yourself. However, this journey wouldn’t be
complete without sharing findings, learnings, how to’s, stories and everything in between
to support our fellow sisters on their paths.

We hope these downloadable resources help you find the knowledge, the encouragement and
the accessible ways to begin your dream journey – we got you sis!


So you wanna start your own social enterprise?

Ready to turn your passion into a social enterprise? Well, there's a few important basics you should know when setting

Protecting Your Mental Health at Work

Identifying the different ways you can continue to be efficient at work, but not compensate your mental health.

Should You Give up? or Try Harder?

When it feels like you're hitting a wall or a dead end, what should you do? Learn about it here.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

A beginners guide to learning the power of utilising E.I & its many benefits to any situation.