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At GirlDreamer we really care about the bigger picture in society and how our work can have a wider impact on both communities and companies. For us, empowerment is not just for our young women, but also for the companies that operate around, with and for us.

We’ve spent years learning in this sector, even before GirlDreamer started, we volunteered and worked in the social sector. We’ve witnessed the Diversity and Inclusion fails, the struggle of organisations connecting with local communities, racial and social injustice, ongoing cultural issues, the power imbalance and the lack of utilising the power of digital.

All of these learnings, plus our own direct experiences, have brought us to understanding where the learning gaps are and how we can support in filling them.

Right now, it’s 2020. The world has changed and a ‘new normal’ is upon us.

For us, that new normal should include creating a new narrative. One that serves our present and future times and most importantly, bridges the gaps of inequality and injustice that has swept through this year.

When operating socially motivated organisations, two key things matter. What goes on inside of your organisation and how you present yourself externally. They work hand in hand and with the challenges 2020 has further highlighted, there’s no better time to reflect, revise and restrengthen a clearer, more consciously engaged and progressive version of your organisation and its mission.



The Internal Shift

A full-day online workshop to support organisations to focus on two internal areas that we believe prevents key issues before or as soon as they arise. It tackles problems at the core and ensures organisations can continue to operate at their best.

Consulting GirlDreamer Diversity Inclusion

The External Shift

A full day online workshop supporting organisations to focus on two external areas that we believe build lasting and authentic connections with communities and utilise the power of digital – especially given the digital shift we are currently in.

GirlDreamer Consulting Corporate Charity

The Ultimate Shift

Combining both the Internal and External Shift workshops, this two day online workshop will take a deeper look into creating the ultimate shift.

We will work with you on your journey of being an organisation where equity, diversity and inclusion authentically thrives. 


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