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At GirlDreamer we really care about the bigger picture of society and how our work can have a wider impact on both communities and companies. For us, empowerment is not just for our young women, but also for the companies that operate around us. Through our years of dedicated work and research, we have found impactful ways to empower companies in being more inclusive and accessible by creating a work environment that is reflective of the societies in which we live.

Whether you are part of the social or corporate sector, it is vital that you understand the importance of a reflective workforce. We’re not talking about diversity as that is becoming an overly used term with less meaning by the day. We mean actual representation, actual access and actual questioning to tailor each companies own understanding of what a reflective workforce means to them.

The last thing we want is to build our GirlDreamers to a place where they are ready for you but you are not for them.

  • Where the workplace is not inclusive.
  • Where diversity dwindles.
  • Where representation is limited.

We’re not sure how you got there, but we know how to help you get to a much better place through our consulting and workshop packages to suit any company size, budget and current place of understanding.


Here’s a snippet of the main services we offer here at GirlDreamer:

Bridge Builders

A half-day workshop on how you can unlearn unhelpful generic practices and eliminate ‘tick-box’ culture to create more authentic engagement and re-think your approach to all areas of work. Authentically engage audiences, connect with communities and position your company positively. It’s time to get radical in our approach to change if we want things to change radically.

Bespoke Consulting

If there’s something specific you are working towards but are struggling to get there, feel free to get in touch. We’ve supported companies in all sorts of ways, from marketing, community engagement, diversity and inclusion, recruitment, etc – don’t be shy, just ask!

Collab & Create

We’re pretty sure there are some of you brands out there that want to positively make a difference to the lives of women of colour. Well, with your resources and our years of lived experience, trust and an ever-growing community, we know just what our audience wants and deserves. Want to collab and create some magic? Let’s talk.


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