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At GirlDreamer we really care about the bigger picture in society and how our work can have a wider impact on both communities and companies. For us, empowerment is not just for our young women, but also for the companies that operate around and for us.

We’ve been extremely successful in building our organisation from the ground up and obtaining strong social presence, both on and offline. We fill up project spaces within 24 hours using social media, have higher demand than we have capacity, have an all women of colour exec team under the age of 30 and have a 100% positive impact rate. We live and breathe our values of being by the community, for the community and our approach has come back to serve us well as an organisation.

Creating community, allies and social presence all through the power of social media and intergenerational communication means we have a thing or two to share about becoming more societally reflective as an organisation and more authentic in engagement.

Being aware of the way you interact, engage and sustain your connection with young people and communities of colour means kicking old habits and ways of thinking. A few examples of this are:

  • “Young people are a difficult generation to engage/work with”
  • “People of colour are a monolith/hard to reach”
  • “Diversity will solve everything”

The constant bunching of groups of people is creating a disconnect. It’s pigeonholing communities and stripping people of their individualism. Luckily, we can help you avoid getting to this place and/or help you get out of it.



Collab and Create

We welcome brands and orgs who align with our values to collaborate with us. We are deep rooted in our community and understand the needs, wants, do’s and don’ts of both millennial and gen Z generations. Truly reaching and connecting goes beyond empty schemes and diversity-baiting adverts. If you really want to reach and understand young women of colour, we got you.

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Let’s Get Social

A full day workshop supporting socent/charities be more socially relevant, active and engaging within young communities of colour, both in-person and online. We will teach you how to utilise current social media apps, social trends and the social climate of young millennials/gen Z to create authentic engagement that will positively affect your programmes, staff teams and wider community.

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Opps For Days

We’re on a mission to create more opportunities for young women of colour. We’ve now opened up our opportunities platform on our website for organisations, public or private, to advertise what they have on offer to support more women of colour accessing opportunities they may not have otherwise. You have the opp, we have the community. Let’s get it done.

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