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At GirlDreamer we really care about the bigger picture in society and how our work can have a wider impact on both communities and companies. For us, empowerment is not just for our young women, but also for the companies that operate around, with and for us.

We’ve spent years learning in this sector, even before GirlDreamer started, we volunteered and worked in the social sector. We’ve witnessed it all – the Diversity and Inclusion fails, the struggle of organisations connecting with local communities, racial and social injustice, ongoing cultural issues, the power imbalance and the lack of utilising the power of digital.

All of these learnings, plus our own direct experiences, have brought us to understanding where the learning gaps are and how we can support in filling them.

We specialise in access to opportunity.

We believe creating opportunity isn’t enough to attract, engage with or reach your intended community, especially if they are part of a marginalised group in society. If the community you are trying to reach has no idea who you are, no trust built with you and no reason to affiliate their time and energy with you, they simply won’t. This is where access comes in.

You need a bridge. One that is connected to local communities, has built trust and understands what sorts of opportunities different groups of people are seeking i.e young people or women of colour. Without the right access to opportunity, the opportunity can become void and the intent no longer matters.

How you connect your opportunity to the intended people is more important than what you create as an opportunity. This is where we come in.


We’ve developed a really simple way to help you reach communities who are most marginalised and who are actively seeking opportunities to utilise their talents and skills – young women of colour.

With the opportunities you have to offer and the talent and drive that exists within our community, we believe this accessible approach to recruitment and outreach is what will naturally improve issues surrounding the lack of representation and EDI (equity, diversity, inclusion).

It’s time to take an equitable approach to recruitment. Ready?


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